The butterfly is my spirit animal.

A few months ago, I took a quiz to determine my spirit animal. I was sure my spirit animal would be a bear or wolf, something fierce. No, my spirit animal is the butterfly.  This makes sense to me because I can always spot a butterfly or 2 lurking around me.
Ya’ll. I am SO freaked out by butterflies!
The quiz said butterflies symbolize change.
Does this mean I am afraid of change? Hell yeah it does.  I hate change.  I’m an introvert, serial day-dreamer and slightly agoraphobic. Change is detrimental to all of these things!
But, you know, adulting.  I had to be honest with myself-I need change.  Change can be good. Challenge accepted, spirit animal!
Change came in November 2016.  Hubs lost his job.  After a few weeks of watching him just sitting on the couch,playing Call of Duty, I asked him if he was going to look for a new job. His answer? ‘Nope. I’m going to become a professional poker player and support our family of 7 on my winnings!’
Um…say what?
Hubs said this is his dream.
Ya’ll, we have 3 teenagers in this house!  They literally eat all day long.  They outgrow shoes in 3 weeks. They take 20 minute showers.  We need predictable, steady income!
Hubs is not changing his mind, no matter how much I bitch!  So, I have to change.  All the things I’ve been dreaming about?  Time to DO them.
I have enrolled in school, started this blog signed up for 2 craft shows and scouted out retail locations for my dream boutique!  How is that for change?
In your face spirit animal!

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