Chew your food!

My husband chews his food about 4 times before swallowing (he counters this complaint, saying I am a loud drinker). Lots of chomping and smackulating coming from his side of the table.  If you have misophonia, this will drive you crazy (it makes me want to: 1. leave the table or 2. slap him)!  Misophonia aside, wolfing your food down at lightning speed may prevent all those salivic enzymes from working properly but, it also does not help you to have a mindful eating experience.

Mindfulness refers to the practice of being aware and in the moment.  It can help you enjoy your meal and the experience of eating.  Try these tips to make your next meal more mindful:

  1. GRATITUDE-Seriously. Food is expensive. Farming is hard and, your mom just spent hours slaving over that hot stove just so you could eat dinner.  So, take a moment to consciously acknowledge the labor that went into your meal.
  2. SIT DOWN-Don’t disrespect the food (or your mom) by eating on the go!  Sit at the table, get focused and prepare to enjoy your food.
  3. CHEW!- 30 times!  Try to get 30 chews out of each bite.  Enjoy the flavor, texture, smells of your eats!  This may also prevent overeating by giving your gut time to send ‘I am full’ messages to your brain.  Double bonus!

So, don’t inhale your food.  Buy some pretty dishes, set your table and chew yo food!

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