Want To Feel Motivated? Do These 6 Simple things.

Despite my many efforts to succeed in life and not procrastinate, there are times (quite often, actually) that my motivation seems to fall off a cliff. I only finished high school because Mrs. McCurdy took pity on me and allowed me to turn in like, 50 assignments at the very last-minute.  She had given me at least 100 warnings not to put off completing this work because it was mandatory for graduation. She was a super lax teacher and, I had her class 7th period so, I often just skipped it to hang out downtown with my friends! It was only after my dad refused to buy graduation announcements for me (because he didn’t want to waste money since he didn’t think I was going to graduate)  that I got my butt in gear. I never did get those announcements but, I did graduate!

I am a super-procrastinator but, since reaching adulthood I have devised easy ways on how to get motivated to actually function like a “real” adult.  Check out these really easy steps to get yourself fired up:

Check Your Health.  Workout, eat a healthy diet, and keep your body physically fit. The very first thing that you should not overlook is your body. Good health, looking and feeling good, is a confidence booster. Nothing beats good health.

Tidy Up.  Clean up your space.  Having a clean, organized space to work in is a good mood booster and can help your motivation.

Find Out What Easily Bothers You.  There are certain things that bother us most of the time. These are those little things that really annoy and immobilize us.  Find out what it is and take time to realize the situation and come up with a plan to keep yourself sane. I worry about money all the time!  Do we have any? When will we have more?  I counteract this by trying to always have a $5 bill in my pocket.

Rid Yourself Of Fear. Although a little fear can be a good motivator, in large amounts it can be really stressful for you. Anxiety and fear are all psychological. They are only existent in your mind. If you can create fear then you can erase fear as well. The same goes for anxiety. If you are too afraid of the consequences or too anxious of what’s about to happen, you’re not motivated at all. Breaking down your fear into small manageable portions helps a lot in gaining motivation.

Start The Day With Positivity. Have you ever woken up in the wrong side of the bed? Most of us do and it lasts throughout the day. If negativity can last from the moment you wake up till you lay to rest at night, so can positivity. Kick start your day with a nice warm smile and a positive attitude. The right mindset at the right time can be a game changer.

Create Your Own Mantra. Meditating is an effective method of motivating yourself. It’s long been referred to as a means of finding inner peace. Meditation can help you clear up your mind, rid you of all the anxiety, frustrations, and everything negative. There’s no exact means of meditating so you can come up with your own. As long as you’re comfortable and you can find calmness, that will do fine. It’s a lot easier to feel motivated when you’re mind isn’t clouded with negativity.  Sometimes I have trouble meditating because I am so easily distracted and I live in a house with 5 children so, it’s never quiet and I never, ever have any privacy.  My alternative to meditation is prayer. My favorite is the first part of Psalm 46:10: Be still and know that I am God-when I am super anxious I take a step back and repeat this as a mantra.  It gives me some perspective on things.  I just give it to God and let go!

What do you do?  How do you handle anxiety and lack of motivation?  What are you fave mantras?

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