Fake Detox

Detoxing is so trendy now.  Everyone is doing a juice cleanse or whole food cleanse.  This is great!  These cleanses can be a great thing.  They can reset our bodies, give us energy and build good eating habits, but rarely is there any real detoxing going on.

Let me explain.

If you are drinking your smoothie out of a plastic cup.  Toxins!

If you are cooking all those organic veggies in a teflon-coated pan. Toxins!  Carcinogens!

If you have Scentsy shit everywhere you are inhaling toxins.

If you are still using chemically laden personal care and home cleaning products during your detox you are still being exposed to toxins.

To detox properly is to address all these environmental toxins in your life.

Here are some tips to make your fake detox a real detox! Just remember as you are purging your home, you can donate items that no longer fit into your lifestyle.  I suggest finding a family homeless shelter or a domestic violence shelter to donate to.

Purge your pantry.  If you live with other people and this is not possible, dedicate a shelf just for you.  Load it with good stuff!  My shelf has hemp seeds, hemp powder, baobab powder, gluten-free flour, etc.

Purge your cookware. Throw out the teflon or aluminum pots and invest in cast iron, stainless steel or ceramic pots. I love cooking in cast iron!

Get a water filter and a stainless steel water bottle.  No need to buy bottled water! My faves.

Get rid of your plastic/acrylic/melamine dinnerware.

Bring your own!  Use reusable produce and shopping bags. My fave.

Use non-toxic cleaning products. Castile soap, essential oils, vinegar and some elbow grease are all you need.

Ditch plastic storage.  Try glass or reusable sandwich wraps.  Use reusable paper towels and napkins.  Also, vintage and thrift stores will sometimes have really cool vintage pyrex glass storage and bakeware-stock up!

For a fresh smelling house, use essential oils in a diffuser.  Synthetic fragrances are toxic.

Purge your personal care products.  Anything that has synthetic fragrances, ingredients you can’t pronounce or are unfamiliar with have to go.

Do your research-this is your health, it is precious.



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