The Promise Project

The traditional meaning of a promise ring is a pledge of commitment between two people.

My promise rings are a symbol of commitment to YOURSELF.  I wear them with a specific intention dedicated to each one. A goal. A vow. A promise to myself.  Wearing them everyday is a constant reminder of your promise. You can meditate on them and affirm your goals.

After I have achieved my goal, I pass the ring on to a friend.  Or a perfect stranger.  I have left rings-with a little note attached-at the grocery store, bus station and, at the park.  I want to pass the good feelings on and inspire someone else to make a promise.  What is better than reaching for a loaf of bread and finding this little gleaming gift?

These rings were the very first thing I learned to make when I started on my silver smithing journey.  I size, cut, fuse and hammer each one by hand, all whilst invoking positive vibes.  Making these rings is a bit of a meditative process for me!

If you would like to order your very own promise ring, please email me or use the contact form! Promise rings are $15 each with free shipping!  Quantity and wholesale pricing is available!

2 thoughts on “The Promise Project

  1. This is such a beautiful idea and an awesome way to pass on positive energy. I am sure everyone would love to receive one as it is a unique idea. Perhaps I’ll order some later. 🙂

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