Super Power.

I believe that prayer can create magic in your life.

I didn’t always believe this.

I grew up in a home that was more spiritual than religious.  My mother was raised Catholic and my dad Methodist.  My sister and I were taught the basics of the Bible but, we didn’t attend church regularly.

My mother would go to sweat lodges, burn white sage and had crystals everywhere.  We drank kombucha before it was cool. Mom had the Chinese herbalist on speed dial! When my sister picked a flower from the neighbor’s yard, she had to return with an offering of tobacco for Mother Earth! Mom had a true love for Native American culture, along with Catholicism and some good Cuban superstitions.

I’ve always believed in God, but, somewhere on my journey to adulthood, I stopped talking to him (except when I was pregnant-I begged for healthy children). I would sometimes hurriedly murmur prayers but the were not heartfelt.  I was so busy, I had no time for faith.  It was only after I married that my journey to find faith that fit me really began.

I got married when I was 19 to the boy I met when I was 12!  His family is Jehovah’s Witnesses but, by the time we got married he was no longer in the faith.

My mother-in-law set up a bible study with me much to the chagrin of my parents (“you’ll be brain-washed”, “it’s a cult”, “what about Christmas”).

For the next 3 or 4 years I inconsistently attended bible study and went to Kingdom Hall meetings-mainly because I wanted my MIL to like me but, I was also curious about their beliefs.

After a few really weird experiences, I decided that path was not for me and I began to embrace what felt good to me- the faith of my childhood.

It has been wonderful.

I have sage and crystals everywhere.  Cuban superstitions? Yep. Alternative medicine? Yep. I talk to God daily. I believe in the power of gratitude.  I feel blessed.  My kids pray. They think the sage is ‘way too hippie’. The most important thing to me is that they believe. They have a personal understanding of their own spirituality and they feel free to nurture it as they wish.

My husband has a very conflicted relationship with religion-I don’t blame him-he was raised in a religion that did not resonate with him at all and, when he finally broke free? He was shunned by his family and the entire congregation, literally cast out. He was eventually welcomed back, but continues to be at odds with his beliefs.  This is fine with me. I don’t push him to belive or accept anything. I think religion is deeply personal.

So, my super power?

Being grateful for the things I do have, believing with all my heart that the things I want will flow into my life, being kind and giving, prayer.

Staying in tune with my brand of faith keeps me grounded and, ultimately allows for blessings, good vibes and awesome karma to come into my life.

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